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Thursday, February 16, 2017


Today is my one year anniversary of being on Trim HealthyMama.
I haven't done it right all year. I haven't done it perfectly at all. But I have made some significant changes in my life, which I intend to be permanent.
Trim Healthy Mama is not a diet. It is a way of life. Eating the THM way is diabetic friendly, because the basic premise is to keep the blood sugar even and the metabolism burning. Weight loss is a natural effect of eating the THM way, if the two basic fuels (carbs and fat) are consumed independently of one another, with enough time between them for the body to burn that fuel for energy.
I'm not a dietician, doctor, medical professional, or expert in any way, so everything I understand about THM is straight out of the book. All I know is that I have lost weight. I have become stronger. I have been freed from my addiction to food.
I am considered to be a turtle loser, meaning I lose weight very slowly. Sometimes it's discouraging because I see tons of stories of people who lose a lot of weight in much shorter periods of time. Apparently that's not my journey, so I have chosen to embrace the way my body responds to being a THM.
In November I began working with a personal trainer. At my size, that may sound a little enthusiastic, but this has been an enormous benefit to me in so many ways. Obviously, I'm stronger. I have more energy; I'm gaining muscle mass and losing inches. *and I've regained the ability to do some things I haven't been able to do in quite a while.
I've got some basic goals. I say I don't have a target weight I'm shooting for, but I kind of have a number tucked back in my brain. I was 180 pounds when I got married, and that's the number I have in my phone fitness app.
Right now, I'm nowhere close. Today I weighed 274.4.
As far as keeping a blog regularly, I would think it would get boring for the reader. I'm not that entertaining, lol. But for my own sake, I will be blogging occasionally, keeping track of my food intake, and monitoring my weight loss progression.
Don't get all excited.
This morning I was up at 5am, dressed in my bathing suit, armed with a bowl of oatmeal, and out the door by 5:18.
I am not a morning person.
The problem is that I am inherently lazy and want my evenings to relax. Just being real. I'm gone all day and the evening is my time to unwind, make dinner, chill in front of the TV, and basically not have to do anything or be anywhere. Now that I'm spending two evenings per week with a trainer, three days of the weekend with my college student, and (should be) going to choir one evening, there just isn't much down time to be home.
I need to get enough cardio time in there, somewhere, so I signed back up at the local YMCA. Yes, this is the same Y that got paid last year through September, although I didn't ever go. Don't judge. I will find time to get my cardio in.
To that end, I packed my things last night, set out my bathing suit, and determined to get. out. the. door.
Go me.
Breakfast of oatmeal made with maple flavor, molasses, stevia, and egg whites was my first fuel, and I consumed it on my way.
I swam laps for about 25 minutes, showered, and went to work.
At 8:00 I had second breakfast of sausage muffins.
I've been working on a good girl moonshine all morning, but I'm only about halfway through it. I think I made it too strong. Note to self: four packets of lemon might be enough...
Dinner will be a pork tenderloin and bacon fried green beans, because.... bacon, y'all.

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