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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How It's Done

Yesterday afternoon a lady from church called me. She said she was given my name by someone in the nursery.

I'll be hunting them down later tonight...

Just kidding. It's fine, really!

Anyhoo, she heard that I've been losing weight, and wondered what I have been doing. I told her all about the shots I'm taking, and the low carb diet I'm sorta sticking to. But she wanted details.

Here's the scoop...

When I realized that my MIC Ultra came with a recommendation for a low carb diet, I went to my local grocery store and bought a book about the new Atkins Diet. I read about the first two chapters, which I know, I KNOW you aren't supposed to do, and just figured I'd cut out bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and sugar. I don't eat much fruit, but when I do, I eat it alone. Once upon a time, I read something about that, and figured it wouldn't hurt.

The low carb way seems a lot like a list of CAN'T haves, so I made a mental list of CAN haves. Otherwise I'd go nuts.

Here's (mostly) what I eat:
Meats, eggs, veggies, cheeses, and fats.

And drink LOTS of water.

An example of a day is this:
Breakfast: Boiled eggs and sausage

Lunch: Turkey lunch meat wrapped around a cheese stick
(Sometimes I'll wrap that in lettuce)
Sliced tomatoes with a little salt
Sliced cucumber with some ranch veggie dip

Dinner: Grilled chicken
Deviled eggs
Salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded cheddar and ranch dressing

I do cheat a bit once or twice a week. It keeps me from going bonkers. Usually on Sunday I eat out, and don't worry about the carbs. I love Mexican, so sometimes I go all out and have chips and salsa (with a sopapilla for dessert, ;-)

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