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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Not that kind! Don't you know me at all?? I hate throwing up!

I had to purge my closet a few weeks back. My clothes began telling me what the scale wasn't willing to admit. "You're doing it!!"

So, I started pulling out the things that were hanging on me nearly as badly as they hung on the hangers. I couldn't believe how much STUFF I had in that closet!

Now my closet is much easier to tidy.

Thankfully, a sweet friend at church, who has lost most of her weight, has passed me all her fat clothes. And she was smaller that I was when I began. So now her things fit me.

Which means I don't have to go naked. Yay!

Cuz I don't want to blind anyone.

You're welcome.


  1. Yay for new clothes! I love reading your new blog about the journey you have begun (or began awhile back). You are doing it! And I loved your black shirt you were wearing last night. I just didn't get to tell you as we walked past each other. Too cute!

  2. HAHAHAHA You crack me up! Keep up the GREAT work!!! Love yoU!

  3. Thanks, Shannon! I wasn't sure that would be appropriate for me to wear to church. I don't usually bare my shoulders. But that top makes me feel very feminine. I love it.
    Kristin, thanks for the encouragement!


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