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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Showing up

The book I'm reading to help with my food related addiction is called Praying God's Word by Beth Moore. I highly recommend it if you struggle with any stronghold. Each chapter addresses a different one. Obviously, I am reading the chapter on overcoming food related strongholds.

Well, this morning in my quiet time with the Lord I was reminded that He created me lovingly with all the details about me already in mind. He knows I like sweets. He made me that way. He knows I am sanguine and will usually choose the fun or easy thing over the necessary or hard thing, when I rely on my own wisdom and strength. He is not surprised that I am a slave to my own desires. But when I am listening to Him and completely relying on His leading, I will know the right decisions to make in any given moment. So this morning I prayed that I would remember to ask him what I should eat today and that He would keep my cravings in check.

Fast forward to my work day. I work in the kitchen at church on Wednesdays, where we serve a meal at dinner time. By the time I arrive at noon, the whole place smells like cake. Or cookies. Or brownies. You can see how this would be hard for someone like me. When I first started working there, my dad suggested that it was a little like having an alcoholic tend bar. He was right.
After finding chopped boiled eggs to enjoy a yummy salad, I had lunch. My salad filled me up so well I felt a little sick. No worries about being tempted by cake! An hour or two later I was dishing up frosted brownies and they smelled really yummy. So I asked God to do something about that.

And He showed up!

Tammie pulled a pan of spinach out of the steamer just then. And smelled up the whole kitchen. I couldn't even smell the brownies in my own hands! I had the best laugh!

If you don't believe God will show up when you need Him, you don't know my God!

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